It's that time of the year again. High school football teams around the country are getting ready for the first games of the 2011 season. For me, it's very exciting. I played football in high school and college and coached a Junior Tackle team for 6 years. If you like football, you have to go out to a high school game. The Boys Of Fall, it's football at its best!! The excitement and energy are unbelievable! It doesn't matter if it's a large high school or a smaller high school, you will see some of the best football your money can buy. These athletes don't have agents and they're not holding out for more money. They play the game because they love it. Most of these players won't play football at the college or pro level. But don't let that fool you, because the intensity can be felt throughout the whole stadium. The best thing about high school football is that these kids are having FUN. Teamwork and friendships that will last forever. I can guarantee you'll see plays that you've never seen before. From the cheerleaders to the band, it's truly an atmosphere that you will enjoy. Going to a high school football game, is something that the whole family can do. High school football is more pure and simple. Don't think that these kids didn't work hard, either. A lot of time and effort is put into every season. The least you could do is get out and support your local team!  You won't be disappointed! I think that you'll see a football game that is more exciting than a pro game. Another big plus, is that you are much closer to the action. You don't have a 60,000 seat stadium to deal with. Parking is usually not an issue and your drive time is minimal. Plus, it really brings you're community together. If you go once, you'll get hooked. My son is playing this Friday. It's an away game that is a two hour drive. You can bet that I will probably be one of the first ones there.  It's a big deal this year because it's the first time that he'll be taking the field as a varsity player! He's only a sophomore and he's not a starter, but he's part of the team. He's been dreaming about this day for years and I'm so proud of him. He probably won't be a big part of the team this year, but the next two years will be fun!! It's been really fun watching these kids become better athletes and grow  up. Actually, they're not kids anymore. They're becoming young men really fast. So as you can see, my Friday nights are booked for the next nine weeks and with any luck we'll make it to the play-offs! It's really not a lot of time but it means the world to these boys. So go out and put on a crazy hat, buy a Coke and some popcorn and root for your local high school team.


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