I don't know about you, but I sure am!!  These labor disputes and lockouts really do get old. It seems like before the start of your favorite sports season, we, the fans have to listen to all of this hype. Both sides can have valid points and they need to have all the CBA's updated to protect players and owners alike. It just seems to me that the fans  are the real losers in this situation. As a whole, we just want to see our favorite teams on the playing field. Your average fans don't know or really don't care what the terms of the CBA's are. They want to see their teams  in action. The fans lose in many ways such as shorter seasons and higher ticket prices. I know some of you are thinking that these players are getting paid to play a "kids" game.  To a certain extent, they are but the physical and emotional demands of a professional athlete  are unbelievable. Sports in America is big business and shouldn't be looked at lightly. Both sides say that they just want to play football. This shouldn't be that hard to accomplish. You're right, it's easier said than done. The thing that really irritates me is how both sides want you to feel sorry for  their respective sides. I don't know about you, but I know for a fact that even the lowest paid players make much more money then I do. The point is that no matter how much they whine about their situation, they are still much better off then the average "Joe". Greed to some extent, is the real problem. I'm not picking sides or pointing fingers. It's very simple, you need the players and you need the owners to make up a football team.  They need each other. Can't we just get along?? I never played pro football but I did play in high school and college. I understand the players' gripes. I think most players are truly frustrated and just want to get on with the season. As far as the owners go, this is a business and they have to treat as such.  My big fear is that with lockouts and strikes becoming more and more of a reality, we, the fans, become more disenchanted with football. That's not the direction I want to see the sport go in. Football, for me personally, has  been a big part of my life and I'm sure many of you feel the same way. When the players and owners go to the bargaining table this week, please go in there with a "give and take" mentality. Neither side is going to  have all of their demands met and live happily ever after. Think about what football has meant to the thousands of kids growing up in this country. It's a great sport so don't ruin it by being stubborn.  


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