Lennon & McCartney are two names that changed modern music as we know it today. They just happened to be half of an obscure group called "The Beatles". You may have heard of them. It's hard to imagine what music would be like today without them. They came along at the right time. The world was changing and so was the music.And let me tell you, everyone was ready for it.The Beatles were good musicians. I don't think that I would say any of them were great but they were solid. The thing that they had going for them was the songwriting abilities of John & Paul. In my opinion, two of the best songwriters ever. The thing that I find impressive is the wide spectrum of  genres. They could write some great ballads like "Yesterday" or "Michelle" and then come at you with "Drive My Car". The techniques they used are monumental. They certainly weren't "One Hit Wonders" or a flash in the pan. Their longevity of their songs and how popular they still are today is something we haven't seen before. This duo was really very innovative. A good example of this is the "Sgt. Peppers" album. When it was released, many people didn't know what to think.They always were pushing the envelope. Many songwriters today use techniques and riffs that Lennon & McCartney  had pretty much invented. They were not only great together but after they split up both of them showed the world that they were very talented on their own. Paul McCartney is still going strong today. Being a guitarist myself, I am so grateful that John & Paul decided to get together and create music for the whole world to to enjoy. Their music truly stand the test of time. By now you've probably realized that I'm a huge Beatles fan. This won't be the first or last time I'll write about them. Any other Beatles fans out there??? Until next time.......


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